John Williams.jpg

John Williams, CEO

John has been CEO of DelPlaya since its founding in 2011.  John has founded and led several businesses in his 20+year career, including a film production and distribution company (now owned by Sony), a music and movie download business, an Internet radio advertising network, and a law firm.

LinkedIn: John Williams

Jeff Pescatello.jpg

Jeff Pescatello, EVP Sales

Jeff co-founded DelPlaya and manages our relationships with advertisers.  He has significant experience starting and growing businesses.  Jeff has owned and operated several radio stations in the Northeast, and he ran the Canadian operations of his family’s large, worldwide, telecommunications-cabling manufacturer until it was sold to Legrand.  Jeff served in the United States Army’s Special Operation Southern European Task Force (SETAF) stationed in Italy.

LinkedIn: Jeff Pescatello

Ron Donaire.jpg

Ron Donaire, SVP Programmatic

Ron joined DelPlaya when we acquired his desktop advertising business.  Ron has significant experience building and scaling ad servers, operations, and web-based entertainment properties. 

LinkedIn: Ron Donaire


Bruce Polikowsky, SVP of Agency Relations

Bruce has a wealth of experience in the digital advertising business having worked on both the brand side (Pillsbury and Kimberly-Clark) and agency side (WPP). Bruce has developed a number of cutting-edge digital products/services that have brought immediate value to numerous brands and agencies.

LinkedIn: Bruce Polikowsky