• Best Apps and sites

  • Direct from Publisher

  • Scale (100M+ unique mobile users per month)

  • Hand curated to perform better for brands

  • Best placements in waterfall

  • Not available through Exchanges, Marketplaces or DSPs (until we pass)

  • High bid-to-win ratio (60%+)

  • High Viewability (measure with DV, IAS, MOAT)

  • High VTR (85-100%) for 15- second ads

  • Full-page, in-view, no clutter

  • Low latency, better user experience, better advertiser results

  • Real-time data



We use proprietary manual and artificial intelligence fraud detection and prevention on all of our inventory.


DelPlaya is TAG Certified Against Fraud.

We utilize Forensiq for Pre and Post bid to add an additional layer of fraud prevention.

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You can verify all of DelPlaya’s inventory using your preferred vendor, including:

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Buy DelPlaya’s High Performance Inventory through TTD, DBM, Adobe and other top DSPs via DealID and other private marketplace methods.

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Our RinconPX platform is compatible with:

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If you are an agency or brand and want better results from your investment in programatic display, video, CTV/OTT, audio or native inventory, please contact us: